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Doritos Super Bowl Ad Shows Why Pro-Lifers Are Winning

What the New York Daily News Got Wrong About God, Reality

Planned Parenthood Loved This ‘Scandal’ Episode. They Shouldn’t Have.

How California’s New Assisted Suicide Law Could Especially Hurt the Poor

‘Trainwreck’ Makes the Case for Monogamy

Do Sofia Vergara’s Embryos Have a Right to Life?

Woman Who Wrote Pleading Letter to Brittany Maynard Has Died. With Dignity.

This 29-Year-Old Woman Has Chosen to Die. Why That’s a Loss for All of Us.


Our Control Culture Strips Life of Joy

The Perfect Life–On Instagram

When Love Wins, It (Apparently) Doesn’t Take Prisoners

Bring Back the Boardinghouse

Workplace Personality Tests Are Bogus

Social Media Only as Good as Its Users

No, Gender Wage Gap Not That Wide

Give Kids a Break on Homework

Forced to Work on Thanksgiving

Starbucks Tuition Plan Shows a Better Option

Sniper Renews Americans’ Interest in War

Hey Apple and Facebook, Freeze This

Bullies Drove Eich From Public Square

Why Applaud CVS’ No-Cigarettes Move?

Wendy Davis Oversells Her Life Story

It’s All Ho-Ho-Ho til Obama Hijacks Your Holiday (November 2013)

Obamacare Options Grim for Young People (November 2013)

Idle Millennials Need Help on Jobs (October 2013)

Fast Food Workers Need to Change Culture (August 2013)

Technology Is Great, But Don’t Ignore the Kids (July 2013)

Facebook Emoticons Can’t Replace Real Words (May 2013)

Good Looks Shouldn’t Matter, But They Do (April 2013)

Soda Ban? What About Personal Choice? (March 2013)

STEM Alone Won’t Breed Innovation (February 2013)

OK, So Santa Has Flaws, Too (December 2012)

Oh, No, on Black Thursday (November 2012)

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Vote. So? (October 2012)

Awash in Kodak Moments (July 2012)

An Ivy League Education? Online is the New Option (May 2012)

Choose Your College, Major, and Student Loans Wisely (April 2012)

Keep Your Hands Off Of My Facebook Password (March 2012)

With GOP Presidential Debates, More Is Better (February 2012)

Is Narcissism Killing Innovation in America? (December 2011)

Millennials, Don’t Just ‘Occupy’; Do Something (October 2011)

AThe Truth Behind the ‘Let Him Die’ Nonsense (September 2011)

When Did College Become Simply About Landing a Fat Job? (May 2011)

Why School Vouchers Are Worth a Shot (April 2011)

Create Jobs by Bringing in Immigrants (November 2010)

Political Cowards Love the Sin Tax (September 2010)

Help Wanted … for Unemployed Teens (June 2010)

New York Post

There’s a Tindr for Friendships. Good.

The Intern Brilliantly Up-Ends Pieties on Work-Life Balance

The Genius of Inside Out: Making Happiness the Bad Guy


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The New Short and Curvy and Tall Barbies Won’t Solve Our Body Image Woes

Why Shows Like ‘The Mindy Project’ Don’t Work Anymore

‘The Intern’ Shows Us Feminism’s Failures

What Caitlyn Jenner Gets Wrong About Happiness

Love Lessons From ‘Anne of Green Gables’

No One, Including Kelly Clarkson, Should Get Fat Shamed

What Cinderella Teaches Us About Suffering and Fairy Tale Endings

The Best Love Stories Don’t Involve Sex

What We Lose in a Child-free Culture (May 2013)

It’s Time to Let Millennials Grow Up (April 2013)

Yearning for a Connection: Buzz Bissinger and His Insatiable Appetite (March 2013)

Washington Times

How Telecommuting Could Rejuvenate Family Life (March 2013)

National Review 

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Doctor Rand (August 2013)

Trent Franks, Pro-Life Warrior (June 2013)

Christie’s Choice (May 2013)

With Cuccinelli, Door to Door (April 2013)

The Real GOP Vision (November 2012)

Ann Romney’s Winding Trail (June 2012)


Being a Woman in Comedy Is No Laughing Matter

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